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Today EKF Elektronik is a leading manufacturer of standardized CompactPCI® Serial based solutions. A wide range of CPU cards (from high performance to low power) together with an impressive portfolio of peripheral boards provides an answer for nearly all Industrial applications. Bridging modules and carrier cards allow hybrid systems, mass storage arrays and much more. Besides boards EKF offers a wide range of standard and customized housings, from full 19” crate to customized box.

EKF reliable Industrial Computing solutions are made for rugged
application: extended temperature requirements as well as conformal coating are business as usual. 
If flexibility is needed to a lesser
extent the answer is Embedded Blue. A growing portfolio of box solutions is coming onstream. Industrial Switches with TSN support, M12 X-Coded or SPE connector are all available today already. Low power box computing based on Intel® Atom™ processors is available for many dedicated applications.

Of course this includes wireless connectivity. Obviously with EKF quality inside here as well!


Boards. systems. solutions.



As an independent, medium-sized company, financed 100% from its own resources, EKF is able to face economic trends with confidence. A determined policy of profit re-investment has led to a unique combination of technologies under one roof - that of EKF.




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Customers which trust in EKF based on long business relationship rely on the logical steps we expand our product portfolio. We see a huge amount in the near future for Single Pair Ethernet based devices to fulfill the iIoT requirements.

Beside independent box solution as SPE switches and gateways, we will also extend our 19" portfolio, based on CompactPCI Serial with interface boards to offer modular solutions for automotive and industrial customers.

Furthermore AVB/TSN features are a must from our point of view.