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Zhaolong keeps up with technological revolution and produces more than 10,000 specifications of cables and assembly applied to various fields such as Cloud Computing, 5G, Smart City, IoT, and AI to more than 100 countries.


Technological Revolution



Zhaolong cables
SPE competence

We can provide SPE cables with different transmission rates, such as IEEE802.3bp 1Gbit / s rate (up to 40m), IEEE802.3bw 100Mbit / s rate (up to 15m), IEEE802.3cg 10Mbit / s rate (up to 1000m) with 26AWG-22AWG.

While meeting the standard transmission rate, we also can provide the mechanical and physical properties of the cables in order to meet various complex requirements of  industrial application environment , such as anti-electromagnetic interference, oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance Damage, bending resistance, towline resistance, torsion resistance, etc.

We develop combination SPE cable according to the application needs, such as SPE power lines, SPE control lines to reduce wiring space, improve wiring efficiency, and reduce costs. At present, the hybir SPE cable has been developed, which can simultaneously provide a maximum current transmission of 8A (excluding the PoDL transmission current supported by the SPE) at a transmission rate of 1Gbps (40m).