Single Pair Ethernet Design Challenge


Build an original application for 10BASE-T1L Single Pair Ethernet and showcase powerful, creative use cases across applications! Submit your project as a YouTube video or written documentation. Projects from winners will be announced at the SPS - Smart Production Solutions Trade Show on November 14, 2023. 


As part of the sponsor team together with SparkFun Electronics, Analog Devices, Würth Elektronik eiSos, Digi-Key Electronics and HARTING Technology Group we invite you to participate!

SPE Design Challenge

Some deadlines: 

By May 5, 2023:
Register and Apply for the SPE Hardware Kit

By May 31, 2023:
SPE Hardware Kits Ship from SparkFun to Select Challenge Participants

By August 31, 2023:
Build and Submit Projects!

November 14, 2023:
Winner Announced!




As a general starting point, 10BASE-T1L protocol is ideal for...

✔ IIoT Sensors

✔ Building Automation

✔ Smart City Infrastructure

✔ Environmental Monitoring

✔ Traffic Infrastructure

✔ Renewable Energies

✔ Robotics

✔ Automation 

All challenge participants are free to use their own hardware - no limitations. That said, approved participants will receive the SparkFun Single-Pair Ethernet Kit to get started. We can't wait to see interesting submissions and projects and are very excited. Have fun and success!


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