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Lumberg Automation represents intelligent connectivity solutions worldwide.

For decades, it has been our passion to guarantee reliable signal transmissions for various industrial applications. Our broad product portfolio is comprised of these 5 categories: power connectors, sensor/actuator connectors, valve connectors, data connectors, as well as passive and active I/O systems. With this, we are offering complete solutions for the automation industry. Not only innovation distinguishes Lumberg Automation as a strong partner, but also its global presence which has a long-lasting positive effect on the availability of solution.



Creating secure connectivity - from sensor to cloud!




With its Lumberg Automation brand, Belden is a leading provider in the development and manufacture of connectivity solutions. The product portfolio comprises 5 essential core areas:

  1. sensor and actuator plug-in connection technology

  2. connectors for data communication

  3. connectors for power transmission 

  4. valve connectors

  5. active and passive IO modules

Belden markets its portfolio under the highest quality standards, taking into account international standards such as UL, VDE, CSA, etc., and thus creates a flexible concept that can be used in different markets.
One brand - one system - our customers have been able to rely on this for years.

A convincing range of services covering consulting, installation and implementation of industrial automation and network systems for mission-critical applications rounds off the company profile.



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Competence in SPE ECOSYSTEM:

Without secure and reliable connectivity, the most important part of the ecosystem is missing.

The connectors developed by Belden, under its Lumberg Automation brand, are often used in different market segments as well as harsh industrial environments and are therefore exposed to special influences.
Market segments targeted by the connectors include: 

  • In the discrete manufacturing industry, for example factory automation.

  • In the energy industry, for example in transformer stations

  • In vehicles, for example in buses and trains

  • In the process industry, for example in refineries

In many applications in these market segments, single-pair Ethernet is advantageous: for networks in vehicles, installation space and weight can be optimised. 
In the discrete manufacturing industry, SPE forms the physical basis for universal network convergence towards OPC UA and TSN protocols.

Belden will integrate single-pair Ethernet into products where SPE technology promises benefits for end-user applications, such as in highly integrated switches for the transport sector, field switches and IO modules for discrete manufacturing, or as a connector in wireless LAN access points. Furthermore, switches and routers can be used to create transitions between single-pair Ethernet and other technologies such as optical transmission with fibre optics, which are used in the network backbone.

Belden - from cable to connectivity to network infrastructure - solutions from a single source.