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Since 1995 CORDIAL has been supplying bulk and ready-made cables to MI and pro-audio customers. Our products are innovative and do not just follow current trends, but often initiate them. Three core parameters define CORDIAL and initiated the company’s remarkable track record: a consistently high cable quality, a reliable and constant product supply and a flexible delivery capacity as well as trustworthiness regarding all aspects of customer relations. All this guarantees that "Fair Trade" is not just an empty phrase, but CORDIAL’s established trade policy. 
CORDIAL expanded abroad early on; today the company has production facilities at its headquarters in Germany as well as elsewhere in Europe and in China, thus guaranteeing a reliable and stable supply chain. CORDIAL products are distributed worldwide and appreciated around the globe due to their outstanding quality and durability.



"The name CORDIAL represents first-class quality and high reliability." 





Core competence: the development, manufacture and supply of bulk and ready-made cables. 
Business sectors: event technology, recording studio technology and accessory equipment for musical instruments. 
Product portfolio: Instrument, microphone and loudspeaker cables as well as multicore systems and adapters, power and power hybrid as well as DMX and Ethernet cable solutions.



Smart solutions for professional data transmission 

Cordial develops smart cable solutions to meet the diverse requirements of data transmission in modern event technology. Our bulk products in the Cat 5e to 7a categories are specifically designed for a wide range of applications. We provide drag chain suitability, thermal and fire resistance, all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications as well as long-distance versions. This versatility makes our product range suitable for a wide range of applications.  
Custom-made cables such as multicore / hybrid solutions for independent, redundant networks are also part of the extensive portfolio. Based on our bulk cable variants, the programme is expanded by a number of ready-made Ethernet cables featuring all types and combinations of connectors that are in demand in the context of mobile and fixed installations. 
You are looking for specific tools to fix your special, individual problem or require custom-made devices? No worries, CORDIAL´s tailored solutions will make it easy for you to set yourself apart from the competition. 

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Expertise regarding the SPE ecosystem

Based on our many years of experience and far-reaching competencies, we, as early adopters of the Single Pair Ethernet technology, would like to implement solutions for the event industry within the framework of the SPE ecosystem. 
Relying on our expertise and experience, we will enable you to make e.g. concert and theatre stages, sports arenas or conference halls the innovative playing fields of the future.