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Friedrich Lütze GmbH

A tradition in automation for over 60 years - With countless pioneering achievements, LÜTZE is today one of the leading companies in industry worldwide. In the early 1960s, LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® was among the first highly flexible cables in the world.

LÜTZE is professional partner for consulting and delivery of high-quality industrial cables for automated manufacturing in numerous applications. 
The LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® SINGLE PAIR ETHERNET (SPE) cable, is one of the first cable with the advantages of the new standard and robust C-track characteristics.


Systematic technology


Since the founding of the family owned company it has been the corporate philosophy to be among the leading suppliers in the automation industry featuring highly innovative products.

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competence in SPE ecosystem

LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® SINGLE PAIR ETHERNET (C) PUR Network Cable, C-track compatible. For the cabling of industrial field bus systems with the globally accepted TCP/IP protocol. For continuous flexing use e.g. 
in c-tracks or free movement in the automation technology, transport and conveyor technology, machine tool manufacture. High active and passive interference resistance (EMC), Silicone free, Halogen free acc. to IEC 60754-1, VDE 0472-815, RoHS‐compliant, CE-compliant, Burning behavior according to IEC 60332-1-2, Oil resistant according to DIN EN 50363-10-2 and DIN EN 60811-404