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The Global Leading Connectivity and Wiring Harness Total Solution Provider

Shinto electronics technology Co., LTD. is one of the world's leading provider of industrial connection technology. We design, develop and deliver connectivity solutions that fuel clients success.

SHINTO specializes in quickly understanding customer requirements and developing precision-engineered interconnects to solve your most difficult connectivity challenges.

Since 2008, SHINTO has been recognized for delivering unsurpassed quality, but our true strength lies on our customer service. We go to great lengths to get you the component you need as rapidly as possible and we do it all with a passion. Located in Kunshan, Suzhou, China, we have grown to become one of the premier suppliers of microwave components and wiring harness solution provider in China and across the globe.

For nearly 15 years, SHINTO has created leading interconnect solutions for customers around the world. We recently underwent a dynamic evolution, growing our team and capabilities. We emerged with deeper, broader offerings and limitless potential for innovation and creativity.




Making connection clearly





As a slogan, "Making Connection clearly" demonstrates Shinto Electronics product innovation and highest quality standards to convince customers in a sustainable manner. We also hope to stimulate the potential of our customers through the products we offer them. Shinto Electronics goal is to consistently provide quality services and drive these services through innovation, internationalization and future-oriented thinking. In the meanwhile, Shinto Electronics continues to improve products and solutions for the future.



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Shinto Product 1

It is an SPE product designed according to IEC standard interface, including a

pair of data transmission lines and two power lines:

  • IEC 63171-6 standard supported

  • One pair differential signal wire and two power wires

  • Data transmission is possible up to 1 Gb/s.

  • Power supply up to 400W