New standard for M12 hybrid SPE and power interfaces as logical extension of IEC 63171-6.


The SPE Industrial Partner Network is jointly driving a new international standard for M12 hybrid Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) and power interfaces. The new IEC 63171-7 standard, initiated by the Network’s founding member TE Connectivity in 2021, is the logical further development of the M8 hybrid SPE and power interfaces, already published by the leading members of the Network in 2020 under the “Industrial Style” IEC 63171-6 standard.

Meanwhile, many industrial customers are following a “one device – one interface” strategy for miniaturized future device generations. Therefore, hybrid SPE connectivity is the key on the way to seamless sensor-to-cloud ethernet communication and power supply.

Developing the hybrid M12 solution is just the logical consequence following the initial M8 version. The roots of hybrid M12 SPE connectivity had been set in the Network’s standardization activities for -6. In order to support our customers in their one device one interface strategy, we have been pushing the development of an M12 interface with various SPE and power contact design options.

The board members of the SPE Industrial Partner Network emphasize unisono the importance of hybrid SPE connectivity: “We are happy seeing an increasing number of companies entering the market with SPE solutions that based on our developments. This demonstrates the acceptance of our initiative and the demand for a uniform single-source solution for all industrial application areas”, states Frank Welzel, chairman of the board. Board member Eric Leijtens of TE Connectivity, who has been leading the establishment of the new standard, sees “the -7 for hybrid SPE connectivity in M12 format as the next inevitable development step for the market.” “We are happy making this step as a strong network of powerful partners. After all, hybrid SPE connectivity will fundamentally speed up the acceptance of SPE in industrial applications, enabling companies to simply and cost -effectively connect devices on the network edge to make data-driven decisions in real time.”

Wolfgang Dötsch, Murrelektronik and also member of the board, complements Eric’s statement: “Offering seven codings of data and power contacts provides a very comprehensive solution to the users. Combining them in an industrial standard housing such as M12, the new IEC 63161-7 standard now defines a universal single-interface solution for future IIoT devices. We do listen to our customers – and here we are with an adequate solution providing a standardized interface.”

Board member Matthias Eick, HELUKABEL, finalizes: “With the hybrid interfaces and the corresponding M8 and M12 standards, our network has added an important piece of the puzzle, allowing new ethernet infrastructure and by that, new business models. Providing data and power at the same time opens up new opportunities for application in small IIoT devices using data straight from the sensor.”

About the partner network

The SPE Industrial Partner Network is based in Rahden in Westphalia and is an equal alliance of companies that promote Single Pair Ethernet technology as the basis for rapid and successful growth of IIoT. The aim of the association is to establish SPE on the market as a new Ethernet technology in the sense of a comprehensive ecosystem with all necessary components.

We also see ourselves as a partner of the Industrial Ethernet user groups and would like to support them in the adaptation of this new "physical layer" for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, CC-LinkIE, for example.

The bundling of competences of the individual companies should give users an investment security to invest in this technology. Other interested companies are welcome to become new members. Shaping the future together - talk to us!