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From the field level to the backbone

Hirschmann represents secure, dependable and open networks for mission-critical applications.

Hirschmann is a global leading full-service provider for high-end industrial networking solutions. The extensive product portfolio includes managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches, wireless LAN and security systems as well as media converters, meeting the highest quality standards. No matter if the network is located in orbit around the earth, whether it is on the shop floor of a smart factory or deep below sea level: Hirschmann provides network solutions that our customers can depend on. 






The company’s profile is completed by a comprehensive range of services covering consulting, installation and implementation of industrial automation and network systems for mission-critical applications.



Hirschmann SPE portfolio

Network Infrastructure is part of the ecosystem


The network infrastructure devices (e.g. switches, Access Points, Firewalls,…) that are developed by Hirschmann Automation and Control are usually utilized in mission-critical networks in four large market segments:

•    In discrete manufacturing, e.g. in factory automation
•    In the power industry, e.g. in substations
•    In vehicles, e.g. busses and trains
•    In the process industry, e.g. in refineries


In many of the particular applications in these market segments, SPE has distinct advantages: In trains, SPE can help to save weight and space. In discrete manufacturing, SPE is the physical basis for a universal network convergence towards protocols such as OPC UA and TSN.


Hirschmann will integrate Single-Pair Ethernet into those products that offer advantages for the applications of the customers, such as highly integrated switches for use in transportation applications, field-level switches for use in discrete automation or for the connection of wireless LAN access points. In addition, switches and routers with Single-Pair Ethernet can be used to bridge SPE networks to other technologies, for example fiber optic transmission that is used in network backbone infrastructure.