Magnetic Communication Corp.

5F, No. 248-32, Hsing-Shen Road
Cheng-Jeng Dist., Lin-Guang Proc. Zone Building-B, 80672 Kaohsiung, Taiwan R.O.C.

+886-7-815-3618 ext. 122

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Magnetic Communication Corporation, or in short MAGCOM, is a Taiwan-based company with expertise in developing and producing products which prepare, adapt and protect IO  circuits in industrial and communication applications.

Our products are based on combining our knowledge of IO circuits with competences as coils and transformers, circuit protection, interconnects and cabling. Based on these competences we produce integrated products lowering the total cost of ownership for our customers while increasing performance.

In Magcom we work closely with selected partners in order to take full advantage of new developments in the area of magnetic material and compounds, which combined with our extensive in house capabilities, allow customers to go to higher signal speeds, increase the power feed-thru, go to more harsh environments and construct smaller.  Also we pursue superior quality with automated processes, in-line inspection and automated packaging. 

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MAGNETIC COMMUNICATION CORP. (MAGCOM) was founded in 2000, headquartered in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, with the expertise at designing, manufacturing sales of magnetic components for telecommunication (xDSL, LAN, ISDN,...Transformers) and IT products. 

The expansion of reaching xDSL (ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2,...) splitters of CO & CPE sides had brought MAGCOM to a higher position is the industry, and built good reputation. We have been always one step ahead then competitors, and stayed in the leading position in design and mass production ability.

Magnetics Magcom
Kompetenz im SPE Ecosystem:

•    Anschlüsse mit integrierten Schaltkreisen zum Verwalten, Anpassen, Verteilen und Schützen von Signalen
•    POE-Baugruppen
•    Netzwerk- und Verkabelungsmanagementlösungen,
•    Indikative Komponenten wie Transformatoren, Drosseln usw.
•    Steckverbinder